7 Biblical Grids for Making Daily Decisions

During the June 25th broadcast of All Things New Radio, I told a story of a young man who impacted the lives of other college students whom he had never met. He died suddenly of a brain aneurysm during his college years. His mom told me he had shared with others the “7 Biblical Grids for Making Daily Decisions” he heard me teach at a youth camp years earlier.

Several have asked if I would share these 7 grids. They are screens or filters through which we can sort out daily decisions that may seem “gray” rather than “black and white.” Remember this was a passing reference, so the details and content of my teaching aren’t included. Maybe we will run the series of messages on this topic in the future on the All Things New Radio Broadcast.

Here is the link to the June 25th broadcast that referenced these grids: CLICK HERE

With the main questions below, if you answer yes to any of these, then you should not do something.

7 Biblical Grids for Making Daily Decisions

Grid #1: Does the Bible forbid it?

Grid #2: Do my authorities forbid it?

Grid #3: Will it send a mixed signal?

Grid #4: Will it cause me to stumble (to think or do wrong)?

Grid #5: Will it cause others to stumble (to think or do wrong)?

Grid #6: Will it point away from Christ?

Grid #7: Would I rather not? (Do I want to do this?)


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