A Little Girl Who is Making a Big Difference – Heavenly Joy Jerkins

Childlike Faith GraphicToday, I taught on the little maid girl found in 2 Kings 5. She had a childlike faith that God could heal her master. She lovingly shared her hope in God with her master. He went to Israel to be healed. God used Elisha to bring about his complete, miraculous healing from leprosy.

We talked about the 8 characteristics of childlike faith (CLICK HERE for the Outline). The very kind of faith Jesus said we all need to be a part of His Kingdom (Matthew 18:1-5). If a little girl’s childlike faith can make a big difference for God, so can you with a little faith of your own!

Calvary’s own Heavenly Joy joined me at the end of my message to chat about the sweet, gracious, innocent, but bold ways she has been shining for Jesus through her singing and dancing. Below are the clips that have been widely shared on social media of Heavenly on America’s Got Talent and the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda.

Heavenly’s mom, Joy Enriquez, joined Heavenly and sang her new song that features Heavenly – “Shine.” You can CLICK HERE and download the song from iTunes!


Heavenly Joy on America’s Got Talent

CLICK HERE to see Heavenly Joy on the Today Show with Kathie Lee and Hoda



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