If you are looking for resources to assist you in your daily walk with Christ or to help you understand God’s Word, below are several I suggest.

All Things New – This app will allow you to listen to our daily half hour radio broadcast, weekly video sermons from Calvary, blog postings, and many other items. After you have downloaded and enjoyed the content, you can share it with your friends via Twitter, Facebook , or Email.

Bible Gateway – An online resource giving you access to many Bible versions and paraphrases. I use this a lot when searching the Scriptures and comparing one version of a text to another.

You Version of the Bible for iOs and Android – This is a free resource for you to have the Bible on your smartphone. It is the most downloaded Bible app for the iPhone and Android smartphones.

Got Questions – This site is packed full of questions regarding the Bible, living the daily Christian life, theology, and so much more. It is practical and biblical. The responses are short, but not too short. It is easily searchable from the main page.

Our Daily Bread – Short 1 minute devotional readings for everyday of the year. These are very simple, yet profound thoughts to get you through your day with Scripture tied right to the subject.

All About God – A site full of theological and biblical studies for the new believer to the more seasoned follower of Christ.

Stand to Reason – Greg Koukl provides many great resources in understanding biblical apologetics and how to share your faith with those who are skeptical or grappling with real faith questions.

Bible Study Tools – A simple resource to study God’s Word. Commentaries, dictionaries, and other online tools.