The Power of Words

We speak to people all day, every day and the words that we choose either help us build people up, or tear them down. In this short devotional, Pastor Shawn challenges us with the words of Scripture that apply to the tongue. Watch this and be reminded of the power of our tongue in the lives of others.



In this short devotional video, Pastor Shawn challenges us to be ‘ambassadoring’ for Christ. As Christians, we are always representing Christ, sometimes well, and sometimes not so well. Listen to this devotional thought and be challenged to be an ambassador for Christ that helps draw people to Him.


Be Still

Life is noisy. There is so much going on with us and around us at all times that we find it difficult to just be still. We are told in the Scriptures to ‘be still and know that He is God’, but this discipline can be tough. Watch this short devotional thought from Pastor Shawn as he encourages us to ‘Be Still’.


The Anchor of Our Hope

One of the commonalities that humans share is the fact that we will experience pain. The circumstances of our lives may be different, but hurt and heartache will come to us. It’s part of being a person who lives in this world. In this short devotional, Pastor Shawn invites us to look at the example of Job and challenges us to find hope in the One who redeems us.



Serving each other and those in need is one of the things that brings the greatest joy into the life of a Christian. In this devotional thought, Pastor Shawn looks at how serving became an integral part of being the community of believers God has designed us to be.

Ups and Downs

Life has its ebbs and flows, its ups and downs. We all experience those seasons of good, and the seasons that are much more difficult. In this devotional, Pastor Shawn talks about how we keep our eyes focused on the big picture of what God is doing in the world, even in the midst of our ups and downs.


Friendship and the concept of togetherness are incredibly important things to the Christian. God knew that a life following Christ would be tough and full of difficult seasons. Take a few moments and watch/listen to Pastor Shawn address the principle of friendship through the story of Jonathan and his armor bearer.

Childlike Faith

Faith is the assurance of things hoped for, the conviction of things not seen. (Heb. 11:1) Faith is foundational to our Christian life and can carry us through any circumstance we may face.

Many times, as we get older, our faith in the unseen can lessen and we need to be able to explain things logically to accept them as true. Jesus, however, commends the childlike faith. The faith that allows us to trust and believe in something bigger than ourselves. Take a minute and listen as Pastor Shawn talks about the faith of a child that made a huge difference in another’s life