The Bitter Heart

IMG_0128Here is the outline for today’s message. Also, below the outline are a few resources I referenced during the message today.

The Bitter Heart

Ephesians 4:31-32

Part 5 in the series: “Change of Heart”

5 Myths I Believe When I Hold a Grudge:

#1: It hurts the other person more than it hurts me.

#2: It’s just between that person and me.

#3: If I let go of my bitterness, they get away with what they did.

#4: I just can’t forgive them.

#5: God knows my resentment is justified.

Forgiven people forgive people.

Unforgiving People (31)

#1: How they relate to others: cranky & mean

#2: How they relate to themselves: sour & irritable

#3: How they relate to God: ungrateful & stubborn

Forgiving People (32)

#1: How they relate to others:

                -They show an intentional niceness that doesn’t make sense

#2: How they relate to themselves:

                -They have an unusual sweetness that can’t be explained

#3: How they relate to God:

                -They enjoy an unbelievable forgiveness that isn’t deserved

How to process the forgiveness of God:

#1: Celebrate it for all that it is

#2: Embrace it for everything you have ever done

#3: Extend it to those who have hurt you the most

Clip from Forrest Gump: “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks”

“Dropping Your Rocks” by Nicole Johnson













One thought on “The Bitter Heart

  1. Pastor Shawn….this was a great message …
    Your words were very powerful and resonated with my spirit. Forgiveness is tough but your sermon has pointed me in the direction of healing and peace.
    Thank you for your obedience,
    In His Love …. Rich
    P.S. I mentioned to you in passing one morning that you should bundle this series (with a booklet of the notes). I know it will be an item I purchase. Hopefully, it will be a consideration. RS

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