The Bitter Heart

IMG_0128Here is the outline for today’s message. Also, below the outline are a few resources I referenced during the message today.

The Bitter Heart

Ephesians 4:31-32

Part 5 in the series: “Change of Heart”

5 Myths I Believe When I Hold a Grudge:

#1: It hurts the other person more than it hurts me.

#2: It’s just between that person and me.

#3: If I let go of my bitterness, they get away with what they did.

#4: I just can’t forgive them.

#5: God knows my resentment is justified.

Forgiven people forgive people.

Unforgiving People (31)

#1: How they relate to others: cranky & mean

#2: How they relate to themselves: sour & irritable

#3: How they relate to God: ungrateful & stubborn

Forgiving People (32)

#1: How they relate to others:

                -They show an intentional niceness that doesn’t make sense

#2: How they relate to themselves:

                -They have an unusual sweetness that can’t be explained

#3: How they relate to God:

                -They enjoy an unbelievable forgiveness that isn’t deserved

How to process the forgiveness of God:

#1: Celebrate it for all that it is

#2: Embrace it for everything you have ever done

#3: Extend it to those who have hurt you the most

Clip from Forrest Gump: “Sometimes there just aren’t enough rocks”

“Dropping Your Rocks” by Nicole Johnson













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