“I might have called you a Bible-Thumper…”

Bible Thumper

Recently Miriam (not her real name) sent me the email below.

What a huge encouragement to know that the Holy Spirit is using His Word to transform lives!

Pray as God uses All Things New Radio and the podasts available at PastorShawn.com to reach more and more people with the hope of Jesus!







Dear Pastor Shawn:

I was raised a “religious Christian” woman who married a “religious Jewish” man and raised her two sons with only good morals and deeds as their basis of life.  I have recently found Jesus again thru your radio sermons and teachings.

I’m trying to right the wrong of not teaching my boys more about Jesus. I’ve even been able to have some of your sermons reach the ears of my confused Jewish husband. A Jew by parent guilt and not by faith.

I’m writing to you to let you know that your sermons and teachings are so modern day related that I pray by the end of 2015 my husband and two boys will have accepted Jesus as their savior too.

You help me every day. I listen to your radio podcasts at PastorShawn.com every day and try to share the message to all who will listen. They also help me personally get thru the tough times I face. No billy club, but all things are possible with Jesus. I do believe.

A year ago, I might have called you a Bible-thumper. But now I am that person craving more each day. I find myself praying every waking moment even if it is silently in my head – praying to God.  I just wanted to let you know you are a huge blessing in my life. Please continue your ministry. I will financially contribute as much as I can.

You have helped me so much though you do not know it.  God bless you and your family.

I’m thankful that you have come into my life.

Miriam S.