Only God! (I am humbled by how God is using my story.)

IMG_2623Throughout the last month, I have been humbled by the messages folks are sending me after they read my memoir. I am still stunned that this story I have shared for the first time at nearly 50 years of age has made such an impact on others!

All But Normal: Life on Victory Road tells my story of growing up in a Christian home that was deeply affected by my mother’s traumatic brain injury. People are telling me in person, via Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and email how much my story brought hope and healing to their lives. The details of their stories are not the same as mine. But, their emotional journey through their challenging circumstances echoes with mine!

Our stories do matter. They matter because our God is not only the redeemer of our souls for eternity, but he is redeeming our brokenness now! God redeems our stories for our good, the good of others, and His glory. Even our deepest wounds can be redeemed. Don’t get me wrong. It is not an easy process. Ask Joseph of the Old Testament. His brothers betrayed him by selling him into Egyptian slavery. Twenty-two years later and all kinds of deep, horrible wounds later, Joseph tells them God meant it for good.

I always knew that God used my challenging childhood to shape a caring (and even pastor’s) heart in me. But, I did not think my story itself mattered to anyone. Boy was I wrong. Thanks to all who have been used by God to make that clear to me. Thank you for sharing your stories with me. Thank you for relating to me how God has used my story to bring hope and healing to yours!

Since the launch of the book, I have done over a dozen interviews about All But Normal on radio stations across the country. I have been asked by most interviewers how my brother, Troy, and I survived all our childhood experiences without turning our backs on God. My answer: “Only God!”

Only God could point the attention of two boys to the trajectory of our parents’ lives. Most assume our attention was on the difficult moments or collection of moments in our home. They assume those moments and experiences would cause anyone to turn their backs on Christ. And maybe we should have from a purely human perspective. But, God helped us see that in their brokenness our Dad and Mom each pursued knowing, loving, and serving Christ! Within the chaos of our home, they each aimed their lives at living and loving like Jesus!

My brother, Troy, and I caught the trajectory of our parents’ lives. How? Only God!

May I encourage you to aim the trajectory of your life at knowing, loving, and serving Jesus! Don’t let the hurdles, barriers, and challenges of life convince you that your family and others will only see your brokenness. How will they see the trajectory of your heart in the middle of all the chaos and noise? Only God!


All But Normal: Life on Victory Road is available wherever books are sold. For links to book sellers, to view family photos, to download the All But Normal Reader’s Guide for personal or small group reflection, or to find other links and resources related to All But Normal, go to

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