All The Poor and Powerless

IMG_0139Today at Calvary we set aside the plan we had in place for our services and focussed on the poor and powerless. In light of the 21 Martyred Coptic Christians and our opportunity to host the Joni and Friends Global Access Conference, the Lord moved me and our team to focus on those suffering – some simply for naming the name of Jesus!

So, while the bulletin and everything leading up to today’s worship services said we would continue our “Change of Heart” series today with “The Jealous Heart” – we will not. We will do that next week.

This week we will stop and reflect on the events of this past week. We will allow God to move our hearts toward compassion and service. We will ask God to use us to minister to the needs of those who are often marginalized in our world.

We discussed the passage about the great banquet in Luke 14:15-23. We prayed for the persecuted church around the world. We concluded by suggesting several things:

    1. Pray for the hurting, suffering, and persecuted.
    2. Explore the websites of Joni and Friends as well as the Voice of Martyrs ministry.
    3. Volunteer to help through a ministry at Calvary.
    4. Serve someone around you in need on your own.




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